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Today's interview is all about the event planning business in Israel, with Adena Mark from A to Z Events. Hi Adena, Please tell us a bit about yourself Adena Mark, from Long Island, NY, moved to Israel 10 years ago with 5 children and a husband. Today I have 6 children, and we divorced 4 y[more]
For the longest time, I have wanted to say thank you to all the amazing women, whom I have been privileged to meet while working on LoveYour.Biz. My clients, networking group members, workshop participants, blog readers, colleagues, and friends have made this journey incredibly enriching, ed[more]
Let's face it. Without our family's support we wouldn't get far in this business thing. If your husband has helped you, encouraged you, supported you, loved you, put up with you, when was the last time you said "Thank YOU!" If he hasn't, have you told him how much it would mean for you if he w[more]
So you know when we get REALLY stuck? When we think we are the ones running the world. The other day I spoke to a client, who is stuck in a bad deal. She knows she has to get out of it ASAP, but she's just too scared to fail and so she's digging herself deeper and deeper into trouble. I told h[more]
"I have a precious gift in My treasury and it's called Shabbos" No matter what our life situation is, Hashem keeps showering us with gifts, big and small. Shabbos is one of them. It's an opportunity to set the work aside and start being, not just doing. To spend time with our loved us. to rea[more]
Life-work balance? What's that??? With so much on our plates, how do we manage it all? Let's face it, we don't. But it helps to know that we are normal and that we face the same challenges as other moms out there.   How do you keep your sanity? How do you preserve your life-w[more]
Therapy is a very crowded business both in Israel and in the US. It comes in lots of flavors. but I have found Logotherapy, the field that Batya Yaniger specializes in, to be the most interesting and positive. It also has echos the Torah's approach to self-development. Here's Batya's take on th[more]
Things are getting a bit rough? Don't lose hope. You are not alone Want to suggest a song that inspires you? Drop me a line. What's your source of encouragement?[more]
I am starting another series, called Sunday BizChizuk song, in which i'll share a song from my playlist that's a source of inspiration for me. Want to suggest a song (with an honorable mention)? Email me.   Life is curly. Business is curly too. And it's easy to get lost. We get st[more]
Have you ever considered what it’s like to be in business with your spouse? Well, here’s how one couple does it. Photographer Rebecca Sigala shares her perspective on business, art, and some stuff in between. As always, if you know of a great biz to be featured? Drop me a line. Hi Re[more]

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