Should You Pitch Your Business?

PitchIf you are a business owner, you have to pitch your services to sell. Right?  Check out this unsent letter I wrote today and tell me what you think.

Dear “Business Consultant,”

Yesterday, you responded to my LinkedIn message, suggesting that we discuss possible cooperation options over the phone and asking me to call.  So I did, only to be greeted with a pitch to come to your selling workshop.

You didn’t take a second to find out who I am, what I do, and what brought me to your doorstep, so I thanked you politely for the offer and hung up.

In my book, you can’t be a marketing expert without taking the time to understand your customer, whether current or potential. Even if you are great in sales, this is not the type of interaction I want to have with my clients.

It’s really too bad that you were so absorbed in your pitch. Had you asked a few questions, you would have learned that I am creating a training center, where Jerusalem small business owners will be able to learn about all sides of business operations. We are actually looking for people with sales expertise, who could teach such courses to our students.

Had you showed some interest, I would have been happy to learn more about your work. Our knowledge  is complementary and I could have referred some of my clients to you for additional training.

If you would just look outside yourself for a moment, we could have agreed to meet for a cup of coffee and brainstorm about possible joint ventures that would have been beneficial for our clients, while also profitable for both of us. There is no end to creative ideas when two people with diverse skills put their heads together.

It’s really sad that none of this happened. Hopefully, the next time we talk, you’ll be just a tad more open to looking at others as people, not as earning opportunities.

Give it some thought and let me know. Wonderful things have been known to happen over a cappuccino.  

Does pitching still make sense? Have you thought of other ways to move your business forward?


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One Response to Should You Pitch Your Business?

  1. Yael Kaner says:


    This really post resonated with me. I hate being sold, pushed or pitched. Just tell me your need and how it tracks with mine, please. I think….I don’t have patience to do your elevator pitch for you…

    I learned from your workshop at NBN that an “ask” would have been more effective. The ask requires “work” and “risk” that a blind pitch doesn’t provide. A pitch like the one you mentioned is as effective as papering all the soccer stadiums with coupons for free beers in Beirut.

    It does get frustrating when people I meet can’t see the kesher/synergy as clearly as I do, especially when I am forging a path. Give me a minute to ask about your needs and learn about mine- I might just know someone to help you. As much as I hate the overused think outside the box example- people should have a little emmunah that nothing in life or business is random.

    Yael Kaner
    Doula, Maaleh Adumim

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