Why Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Scary

ChildBabyLToday, my daughter lost her precious ring. At the park. In a sandbox. It’s a ring that costs 10 cents, but is priceless to a 4-year-old. We spent a while sifting through the sand. We found 10 cents, some glass shards, and a toothpick. The ring of course was nowhere to be seen.

For many women running a business, marketing feels a lot like that. Hopeless. Out there. Beyond them.  They feel that professional marketing is time consuming, risky, and outside their comfort zone. They would love to outsource marketing, but ironically to be able to earn enough to afford a marketing manager they need to master marketing first.

In reality, marketing savvy is not that hard to reach. It is much more like searching for the ten pieces of bread during bedikat chametz then looking for a ring in a sandbox. The difference is that the knowledge is within you or within your easy reach. You just have to reach inside and find it. When we view marketing as a scavenger hunt, and not a hopeless search it stops being intimidating and becomes fun.

The best marketing advice is intuitive. It’s only counter-intuitive when we over-complicate things. After I had spent several weeks trying to figure out how to combine different components into a single short elevator pitch, I asked a client what made her choose me. She reminded me of our first conversation, during which we explored the possibility of running a joint program. I had no intentions of taking her on as a client, so I quite naturally told her that I help women make a good living doing the work they love. That was the statement I had been looking for the whole time. But I was looking too hard and in the process forgot that I had known and used it all along.

Marketing is not about complicated MBA courses and underhanded mob tactics. It’s 20% technique and 80% psychology. Your psychology; not the clients’.

Marketing is about overcoming fears: the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, and the fear of success. It’s about realizing that perfect is the greatest enemy of good. It’s about learning, practicing, and doing. And then learning from your mistakes, and practicing, and doing some more.

Marketing is about caring about other people’s needs, but stopping to care about their judgment. It’s about believing that you have been brought into this world with a unique mission and that your clients are the people you are meant to be serving.

Marketing is about controlling what you can control and not obsessing about things beyond your reach. It’s about not trying to control the outcome. And understanding that failing doesn’t turn you into a failure.

Marketing is about relationships: with yourself, with your clients, with your vendors, and  your competitors. It’s about believing in people and believing in the world and believing in God, Who has created enough of everything for all of us, so that we don’t have to grab anything away from each other and neither can anyone take anything away from you.

And the best part is that this understanding will transform not only your business, but your entire life. Because your business is just a reflection of you. Shouldn’t you be taking good care of both of you?

So, what will be your next step?


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