Why You Won’t Get Clients With Facebook


And neither will you get clients with your website. LinkedIn? No way. And forget about Twitter.

Before I am stoned for marketing heresy, here is why.

Have you ever observed a child building a Lego house with one piece of Lego? Two pieces? Five pieces? Of course not! To build a strong Lego house, the kind that will make the kid’s eyes sparkle and send mommy dreaming about the little prodigy’s career in engineering, you need hundreds of Lego pieces.

And you also need a plan.

The same thing happens if you try to market with just one piece out of the whole. You can squeeze only so much mileage out of your website. Unless it functions as a complete client-getting system, it’s only good for an occasional client here and there. You may make a couple of sales from Facebook connections. And even the humble business card can cause an overripe client to fall into your hands.

But none of these tools will create a consistent, steady stream of client.

Imagine your client walking onto the porch of his house. He needs whatever it is that you are selling. He considers the possibilities, looks around, and starts walking. He doesn’t know that you exist, so the thought of turning to you doesn’t cross his mind. And even if has heard about you, he doesn’t know the figurative path from his place to yours. Just to make things more difficult, along the way he meets other places that look very similar to yours (ever heard of competition?), so why should he bother making the entire way to you?

In order to sell to this client, you need to know that he exists. And not when he reaches your door with the wallet in hand. That’s just an occasional random client. You need to know about this guy, when he is standing on his porch and scratching his head, trying to figure out how to solve his problem.

You need to pave a complete path from where he is to where you are, overcoming any and every obstacle.

You need to show him very clearly the difference between your place and every other lookalike, so that he doesn’t get distracted and wonder away.

And you need to stay close to him while he resolves all his doubts. Like, “Who said this will work?” And “Is it worth the money?” or “Are they really the best/cheapest/fasted?”

You can’t do all of that, you can’t identify your client, make him want to come to you, pave the path, and stay clear of the competition, if you don’t see the entire picture better than your client does.

It is a lot simpler than you think. It is also a lot faster, easier, and cheaper than turning your marketing wheels and not getting enough clients out of it.

I want to help you bring that client to you (and many others like him). In two weeks, I will launch the DreamBiz Club. Once a week, we’ll get together with a group of other amazing women over the phone or Skype and learn to pave a complete path from the client’s doorstep to your cash register. Every week, we will add a few more Lego pieces, until you have a complete structure that will allow you to turn complete strangers into paying, loyal, referring clients.

The program covers the same curriculum as my private coaching program, but at a fraction of the price.

And the best part is that there is no risk involved. You pay as you go and can cancel at any time.

To help you succeed, I will even give you (and your friend) a discount if the two of you sign up together, because working with a buddy is the best way to stay on track and be accountable for you work.

You have worked hard for long enough. The time has come to work smart and get the clients you need to make the income you want.

Learn to do that at the DreamBiz Club.



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