3 Critical Steps for Getting More Clients with Blogging

get more clients with blogging

We have all heard that blogging is a great way to build your business. That “content is king!” That writing good content will turn you into an expert.

Many business owners set up a blog in the hopes of becoming a popular writer. They have dreams of thousands of readers visiting their site daily and easy money streaming in. When that doesn’t happen, they dabble a bit with blogging and give it up disenchanted.

Like everything else in your business, blogging is a skill. Yes, you need to learn how to blog. Writing up a few paragraphs will not make you a popular blogger nor will it bring in business. But blogging does work well for attracting clients when you how to do it. And like everything else in small business marketing, you need a strategy. Here are three strategies for attracting more clients with blogging:

  1. Attract clients, not “traffic” – many web marketing gurus give you advice on how to increase “traffic.” However, no matter how many people visit your site, if they are not the right people for your business, if they are client material or what marketers call “qualified leads,” all that traffic will not convert into business. To attract the people who have a good chance of buying from you, you need to have a very clear understanding of what who your clients are, what they want and need, and what they search for. Blogging about topics of interest to them will showcase that you understand them and have the solution to the problems on their mind.
  2. Attract readers to YOUR site – despite everything SEO tutorials tell you, getting on the first page of Google is between difficult to impossible without a consistent and long-term investment of time and money. Having your site listed on the second or later page of Google is fairly meaningless. This is why paid Google ads are a very useful tool to attracting clients. Paid Google ads help you get the attention of the people looking for your products and services at exactly the time they are searching for you. With Google ads you control how much you spend. The same is true for Facebook sponsored posts. Online marketing expert Perry Marshall suggests using Google ads for products and services people buy with their minds and Facebook ads for stuff people buy with their emotions.
  3. Blog with an end in mind – Let’s say a prospective client landed on your blog page and enjoyed your article. Where will she go next? Unless you direct her to more of your content, to an opt-in form, a product page, or a landing page, she’ll surf away to someone else’s site. If the path is not clear to you, it will not be clear to your readers. This is why you need to set up your blog in a way that it leads your readers to the next logical step in your marketing system.

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