The Sunday BizChizuk Song

I am starting another series, called Sunday BizChizuk song, in which i’ll share a song from my playlist that’s a source of inspiration for me.

Want to suggest a song (with an honorable mention)? Email me.


Life is curly. Business is curly too. And it’s easy to get lost. We get stuck all the time.

Chanale reminds us to stick with the compass

This one is for women only. (Sorry guys)

Liked it?


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2 Responses to The Sunday BizChizuk Song

  1. Libby says:

    Amazing. Love this idea, Leah!

  2. My Tech Tutor says:

    Leah, as usual, a brilliant idea, executed in a way that is inspirational and valuable, love the song. thanks so much! trying to think of a song to suggest for an upcoming week.

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