Who’s the Boss? – BizChizuk Song

So you know when we get REALLY stuck? When we think we are the ones running the world.

The other day I spoke to a client, who is stuck in a bad deal. She knows she has to get out of it ASAP, but she’s just too scared to fail and so she’s digging herself deeper and deeper into trouble.

I told her, “Meira*, you aren’t running the world. All you need is do your hishtadlus and the outcome is Hashem’s problem. He has gotten you into this hole, He’ll help you climb out. You just have to want to get out of it.”

We take way too much responsibility upon ourselves and try to carry the world on our shoulders and then are really surprised that it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO heavy.

Hashem’s is just standing there waiting to give you a hand. Let Him

Want to suggest a song? Let me know what gives you chizuk.

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