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For business owners these days marketing = content. Words are a big thing for you. Copy-writing for your website, talk for your workshops,  ideas for your blog, small talk at networking, convincing arguments for your clients, negotiating.

That’s a lot of talking! And sometime we feel intimidated. We don’t know the right words to say or are afraid of writing because it won’t come out perfect. Every time we open our mouth we stand to be judged. Every time we write something, we worry how people will interpret it (and how many spelling mistakes will escape our proofreading :) ).

The Torah teaches that the thoughts of the heart belong to man, but the actual words we say come from God (Mishle/Proverbs 16:1). We are charged with thinking through our words, learning how to handle communications, putting ourselves at ease so that we can talk well. But we have no control over the actual words that come out of our mouths or how other people perceive what we say.

Some of the best ideas I have taught came to me literally as I was talking. They were unplanned.  Sometimes, I make a passing remark to someone, and it is more important or meaningful than all the coaching we don.

Knowing that God guides our words is liberating. As with everything else in life, we only need to make our efforts. We need to commit ourselves to using our power of speech for goodness. The results come from Above.

Yizhak Meir wrote a beautiful song around this concept. i’ve been playing in a loop for the past few months. I hope   you enjoy it as much as i do.

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  1. es says:

    I think the words come from the RH-Yom Kippur machzor

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