Have you showed up today?

WoodyAbout 15 years ago, I applied to head the office of our mayor. Seven other people wanted the position, most of them much more qualified and experienced than I was.

But qualifications and experience didn’t come into play. The municipality asked the eight of us to take a psychometric test to help them choose the best fit. None of the other candidates agreed to it except me. My test results were good enough, but not amazing. Still, I got the job by default.

Woody Allen is known to say that 80% of success is showing up. Look at him, will you? Ol’ Woody isn’t exactly what you’d call Hollywood material. Not a heartthrob. But he’s got talent. And he showed up with his talent and kept honing that talent by doing his work steadfastly.

Many business owners do not succeed because they let fear and pessimism prevent them from showing up in the first place. They think they’ll mess things up. They think they’re not good enough. Like Woody Allen, you may have talent, but do you keep it bottled it up instead of putting it out there for others to benefit from?

Do you see that happy end–clients benefiting from your business? Or does  fear of what will happen blocks that view.

Solution: Stop thinking “what if” and stay focused on “what you’re good at” and “what you can do”

Being nervous is natural.It means you care and you really want to do the right thing. Just veer away from the fear like it’s a pothole on the road. We have no control over the outcome of our endeavors. But when we show up and take action, we set things in motion, and if we keep taking action toward positive goals, something good WILL happen.

It might not be what you first envisioned, but you will have moved, not stayed stuck. That in itself is already a victory over those who didn’t show up and didn’t move, literally pinned by their fear.

15 years ago, I happened to beat seven other people who didn’t say yes. Qualifications and experience are not required to win something you want. What’s required is courage and confidence. If you have these in spades, nothing can stop you!


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