The Unique Business

22916-NU6QN8In order to get your entrepreneurial dream off the ground, you must first understand the concept of a unique business. When it comes to a unique business, I notice that many people get off on the wrong foot because they do not understand how to see their business from the point of view of their potential clients.

For example, many owners tend to think of themselves first and their clients second. We explain our businesses and something that we have to offer, instead of from the perspective of the person who is actually buying.

The most important thing for your business is to understand that the client do not care about you, or the many services you may offer. They are only interested in solving a problem in their lives that they are not able to fix on their own.

The best way to solve this problem is obvious: Stop thinking and talking and doing business from your point of view, and fully embrace that of your clients. With this perspective, you can all of a sudden see what the client needs from you, and you will know how to act accordingly.

Your business is only significant to her because you have the product or service that will solve her problem. She is only interested in you because you can make a difference in her life.

If your client could have solved her own issue, she would have. By bypassing the typical ‘buy this!’ sales pitch that has worn out so many clients before this one, you are getting down to the crux of it all, that is: Can you and your business solve her problem?

This simple question clarifies the whole operation. As the entrepreneur, you tend to be totally focused on the process, but your client couldn’t care less about that. She just wants a solution, and you have to be prepared to provide it quickly and painlessly.

By changing the game and asking yourself what the client is really looking for, you are no longer the pushy saleslady and instead become the friend who is trying to help. 

This is the key to the unique business. By leaving behind all the tired sales pitches that send potential clients the message that you don’t care about helping and only about getting their business, the client senses that you are there for them and are more willing to use your service or product.

This is an incredibly difficult thing to accomplish. To change your perspective and see that of the clients takes a tremendous amount of work and focus. You have to really work on changing the way you approach business and put the client at the centre of your pitch. The best way to communicate with clients is to take a genuine interest in them. When you place your client at the peak of important of your business, everything else takes care of itself. This is because once you know what needs to be solved, it becomes appropriate to talk about your business.


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