Redefining Marketing: A Process

The truth is, many business owners hate marketing. They despise it, yet they know it is necessary in order for them to capture more clients. They associate marketing with having to push clients into buying their product, with cleverness, trickery, sleaziness. They hate marketing, simply because it feels unpleasant.

Another reason that small business owners resist marketing is because there are just too many different options to choose from, or because it is too time consuming or too expensive. All of these reasons are legitimate, but you have to spend the effort, time and money in order to see real results. I wish I could tell you that your marketing plan will work overnight, but that isn’t the case. What I can say is that with time, your clients will start coming to you.

The final marketing complaint I hear from business owners is that marketing does not always work the way they want it to. Sometimes you can put all the right pieces together, and still nothing comes of it.

Listening to all of those reasons is enough to turn any business off marketing. This is no way to think, because you can bring in clients with the power of marketing without any unpleasantness.

So let’s redefine what you know about marketing, from the very beginning.

What is marketing? How do we define it?

If you ask around, you are bound to come up with hundreds of different definitions. This is the one that I think describes it the best: Marketing is the process of creating, communicating, and delivering products or services to people that find value in them. 

So what’s the point?

Marketing is a process not an event. By concentrating on taking clients through a process, you can create a constant flow of clients.  Some business owners wake up in the morning thinking about where they will find their next client. We are not interested in that! We want to create a process through which your clients will be brought to you. You create a system that brings them right to you. This way you set up a system once and then you only need to maintain it. This is a time, energy, and cost effective way to market.

Most businesses try to sell to the people that walk in the door and ask for a quote. And if that quote is turned down, the business owner gets discouraged.

This is where the value of marketing comes into place. What goes on in the heads of your clients? The overwhelming majority of people need time to commit themselves to buying something. Even if they need it immediately, they need to be convinced that you are the right person to solve their problem, that you have their best interests in mind, and that they cannot find the same thing elsewhere cheaper, faster, or more conveniently. And soon enough after figuring all of this out, you will have a steady stream of clients, who not only want and need what you have to offer, but are actually excited to work with you.

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