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How to Talk so Your Client Will Listen

Simply put, order to reach the clientele you want, you need to have a compelling message. Perhaps you have heard that term before, I know it is kicked around the business world quite frequently. In case it is not ringing any bells, a compelling message expresses what your company is all about. It answers:

 †What do you care about?

 †What are your values?

 †How do they resonate with your clients?

Rarely is a compelling message about the bells and whistles of your product, or the extra features that come with your top tier product package. Your compelling message is about something much bigger, something that runs through the very heart of your company.
Values create an emotional connection between you and your customers. They fulfill a deeply held human need to establish relationships with people and things outside of ourselves.
Let me give you an example of this, just to jog your memory. Let’s say that a woman opens her closet. She sees a few clothes dangling from hangers and a couple of shirts folded in stacks and thinks to herself, “I have nothing to wear.” So, she decides to go to the store. When she arrives, she is approached by a salesperson who tells her, “Here, take this. Now you will have something to wear, and look – it makes you look gorgeous.” Now, the technical reason may be that she did not have something appropriate to wear, but the real reason for her purchase was rooted in her desire to feel beautiful.

Now imagine that you are in charge of a women’s clothing store. What sales message do you think clients would find most attractive?

†We sell clothes.

†You are going to feel almost as good as you look.
Can you feel the difference when you read those two messages? Which one do you find to be more compelling? I am willing to bet that you chose the second one. I am also willing to bet that you picked it because it stirred inside you an authentic emotion. When a value resonates with a client, it awakens an emotional response. In this case that emotional response is linked to a woman’s desire to feel beautiful and to feel comfortable in their own skin when she is out in the world. You simply cannot create the same level of impact with a message that says: “You need clothes. We sell clothes.”
When you fully understand your clients and what makes them thick, you are able to communicate who you are in a way that resonates to them on an emotional level. This is the key to how to talk to your clients so that they will listen.



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