getting clients feels like kriyat yam suf?
Getting clients feels like splitting the sea?

“If we keep thinking the way we have been thinking, we’ll keep getting the results we have been getting.” Our Sages compare making parnassa to the splitting of the Red Sea. Building a bigger business with more clients starts with YOU. Your mindset, your knowledge, your skills, your mindset. If you feel yourself floundering in this “get-clients, make money” business, let me show you how to get moving! THE CLIENT MAGNET BUSINESS COACHING  Your problem: When you think “marketing” you think overwhelming. You feeling stuck in growing your business. Deep down, you know you have internal obstacles, such as fear, self-doubt, or perfectionism  that keep you from doing your best work. Getting new clients is just too much work and not enough results to justify it. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new marketing gimmick, a new time and money drain. But who promised it will work? Plus, there is so much on your plate, it is hard to systematically set aside time for attracting clients. What you need: You need the marketing jumble broken down and organized into manageable chunks. You need a clear step-by-step game plan, in which each step seamlessly feeds into the next, so that you understand EXACTLY how people turn from total strangers into paying clients. You also need a mentor, who holds your hand, helps chart the path, advises you on the best tactics for your specific situation, and keeps you accountable for doing the marketing work. The solution: The Client Magnet program aims to do just that, turn you and your business into a client magnet, attracting business without having work too hard or pulling so hard to lure in the clients.1-on-1 personal coaching program that will help you understand and get rid of your internal blocks that are sabotaging your efforts. We will work to improve your self-confidence, so that you feel enthusiastic about your business and can impart this enthusiasm to your clients. Together we will develop a simple, effective and highly-original business and marketing plan for your business that will allow you to attract the clients you need to create a lifestyle you want.

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In this business coaching program you will:

  • Improve your self-confidence in being able to build a successful business.
  • Identify your special abilities and find your unique position in the field.
  • develop entrepreneurial and marketing thinking that will help you identify and take advantage of future business opportunities.
  • identify the right business opportunity and target market for your skills.
  • find the most lucrative products and services.
  • learn to price your services and feel GREAT about charging money for the value that you deliver.
  • develop marketing strategies for reaching more clients.
  • find low-cost marketing channels, so that you don’t have to pay for costly advertising.
  • learn how to close sales without being aggressive or pushy.
  • get customers excited about working with you and help them refer their friends.
  • learn to use the most popular marketing techniques in full-day seminars with my fellow experts.
  • set up systems for managing the business, so that you can maintain it instead of reinventing the wheel each time.
  • track finances to ensure you are actually making money.

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Is Client Magnet Coaching right for you?

Let's talk to see if I can help you


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