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Presentation at Nefesh B-'Nefesh

Presentation at Nefesh B-‘Nefesh

Rehashing old ideas, summarizing other people’s books, and targeting the lowest common denominator are not part of my package. Challenging common knowledge, getting listeners to think, sharing real stories, and teaching actionable tips are.

My topics include business development, marketing, personal growth, positive thinking, and overcoming obstacles.

I have been invited to speak at venues such as the Israel Translators Association, Kishor Business Conference, Temech, Nefesh B’Nefesh, and Writepoint.

“Leah’s presentation was incredible. From the first slide she had jaws dropping — in an audience including senior professional writers. Her subject was on-target and stimulated lively interaction. The consensus, as expressed by one participant, was that Leah ‘changed the way I work — starting today.’”

Sarah Lipman, CTO Power2B

“Your talk just turned people’s notion of marketing on its head. There was some resistance at first, but the practical ideas really drove the point home.”

Hadassah Levy, I-point Media Group

“… invaluable tips from her own experience, in a relaxed and approachable manner.”

Batya Jerenberg

“This was one of the best workshops I have attended.”

Sharon Altshul, Real Jerusalem Streets

“Leah’s workshop was phenomenal! Not only did she provide us with a wealth of information, she showed us how to use each resource. “  

Meira Mintz

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